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Part of the Eagleton Institute’s Youth Political Participation Program, RU VotingTM encourages Rutgers students to pay attention to politics, register to vote, and turn out on Election Day. This non-partisan effort is administered by Dr. Elizabeth C. Matto, an Assistant Research Professor at the Eagleton Institute of Politics.

FOR-ABOUT-RU-VOTINGRU VotingTM is the resource Rutgers students, administrators, and faculty rely upon for registration and Election Day information. The project is dedicated to registering, educating, and mobilizing students to participate in the political process. RU VotingTM’s efforts are supplemented by research, conducted by Professor Elizabeth Matto and a team of undergraduate researchers, regarding the civic and political engagement of Rutgers students specifically and young adults nationwide. This research component informs RU VotingTM’s outreach efforts, linking the practice of politics to the study of politics, and serves as an invaluable educational experience for Rutgers students.