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Election Day - November 4, 2014
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FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — The unmistakable signs of healing are beginning to dot Ferguson, even the small [...]

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown appealed a court ruling that struck down tenure and other job pr [...]

NAPA, Calif. (AP) — Napa Valley's seismically reinforced winery buildings generally held up to [...]

LAKE CITY, Ark. (AP) — Sesame is gaining a foothold in parts of the southeast United States, where c [...]

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Tough new Texas abortion restrictions are on hold after a federal judge found R [...]

The St. Louis Rams announced Saturday that Michael Sam, who made history as the first openly gay pla [...]

The terrorists sell girls and women for $1,000 each, says Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. [...]

Azwan Elias arrived in America this summer filled with excitement and eagerness to learn. Everyone w [...]

One St. Louis-area police officer resigned and another retired in the continued fallout from questio [...]

A woman and her five children survived after their home exploded. CNN affiliate WFAA reports. [...]

As President Obama is learning, no political victory is permanent without economic success. Consider [...]

If you were sick in 1831, you might have been wise to avoid doctors all together. [...]

Should an athlete become an activist? Does a black athlete have a choice? [...]

The danger is microscopic regulation that we invite via the democratic process. [...]

On a visit to the country, a city dweller reflects on the nation. [...]

The selection is the latest sign that Poland is emerging as a larger player in European affairs, par [...]

In a one-page appeal, Gov. Jerry Brown and the state attorney general, Kamala D. Harris, argued that [...]

Aleksandra Krunic, a 21-year-old qualifier from Serbia, knocked out No. 3 seed Petra Kvitova, 6-4, 6 [...]

The country’s prime minister said the actions amounted to a coup, although a spokesman for the army [...]

California lawmakers have approved a measure that would make the state the first to impose a ban on [...]

The Texas governor is charged with abuse of office and coercing a public official, but he claims he [...]

Requiring every center that performs abortions to meet all the standards of a surgical center is exc [...]

There's an investigation into a payoff scheme before the 2012 presidential caucuses in Iowa. Je [...]

The Obama administration is considering whether to broaden its air campaign against the extremist gr [...]

Regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post and David Brooks of The New York [...]

Pediatrician Jessica Franklin figured she had a handle on newborns. But then she had a baby and woun [...]

Beekeeping used to be illegal in New York City, but since it was legalized 2010 it’s has become incr [...]

The idea of workers owning the businesses where they work goes back to the earliest days of the Unit [...]

Every year, 80 million pounds of pesticides are used on residential lawns in the United States, and [...]

High wire artist and magician Philippe Petit, famous for his epic 1974 walk between the Twin Towers, [...]

Camden police say two robberies that occurred in the city early in the morning on Friday, Aug. 29, 2 [...]

Authorities have identified the body found overnight in a secluded area near railroad tracks as a 50 [...]

Prosecutors have charged a 20-year-old Fort Lee man who authorities said was intoxicated when the ca [...]

Glenn Gavan is the second trustee to resign amid scrutiny of contract and engineering firm [...]

Johnathan Sylvester, 28, is being held on $1 million bail in connection with the death of 24-year-ol [...]