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General Election - November 7, 2017
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CINCINNATI (AP) — Cincinnati police searched for suspects in a nightclub shooting that left one man dead and 16 other people injured and sent club pat [...]

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A man sitting at the back of a public bus on the Las Vegas Strip opened fire "for no apparent reason" as passengers got off [...]

SEATTLE (AP) — Sixteen months after he declared a state of emergency on homelessness, the mayor of Seattle is asking voters in this liberal, affluent [...]

TECUMSEH, Okla. (AP) — A 22-year-old police officer has died after a shootout with a man who fled a traffic stop in central Oklahoma, police said Mond [...]

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The four people killed last week in a quiet Northern California neighborhood include a woman and her two children, authoriti [...]

The GOP health debacle makes pro-growth reform more important but also much harder. [...]

Marine Le Pen seeks—and gets—Vladimir Putin’s endorsement. [...]

More trouble is ahead if Carrie Lam won’t defend local autonomy. [...]

Democrats’ attacks on his past decisions are so formulaic that they read like a recipe. [...]

Sure, they’ll kill jobs. Like Microsoft Excel, they’ll also create new ones. [...]

Congressional Republicans face a challenge made more difficult by the collapse of their health care bill, and may have to scale back their grand plans [...]

The major market indicators fell to their lowest levels since early February on Monday. [...]

The president’s son-in-law faces questions about meetings he arranged with the Russian ambassador, including a sit-down with the head of Russia’s stat [...]

The party, in its best position since its loss in the November election, is newly optimistic about picking up seats in 2018, hoping to ride a backlash [...]

The Republicans’ failure to replace the Affordable Care Act has cast doubt on the party’s ability to reach deals on its other priorities. [...]

The committee is investigating Russia's meddling in the presidential campaign and possible ties to the Trump team. [...]

As we cover conflicts of interest in the Trump administration, a question frequently arises: What parts of the government have the power to hold the p [...]

The president showed little interest in policy details. If he continues to focus superficially on getting a win instead of learning, Republicans warn [...]

Rep. Ted Deutch, the top Democrat on the House Ethics Committee, is calling for an independent investigation into Russia's alleged ties to the Tr [...]

After last week's failed repeal of the Affordable Care Act, President Trump and Republicans in Congress turn their focus to regaining momentum in [...]

Using Big Data to Create a More Fair JuryClick on the 'Listen' button above to hear this interview.  The Takeaway is exploring one crucial aspect of the U.S. justice system — juries [...]

American Strikes in Mosul May Have Killed 200 CiviliansClick on the 'Listen' button above to hear this interview. On March 17th, a building collapsed in the highly-populated region of Mosul, Iraq [...]

Doris Kearns Goodwin Puts Trump's Health Care Defeat In Historical PerspectiveLast week’s failure to pass a health care reform bill was a major blow to Donald Trump’s young presidency. Author Doris Kearns Goodwin (@DorisKGoodwin [...]

Keeping Garifuna in the BronxThe month of March marks 220 years since the Garifuna people were exiled from St. Vincent and resettled in Central and Northern America. The South Bro [...]

The crime occurred Saturday night at Hollybush Apartments. [...]

The helicopter crash landed in the parking lot of the Chatham Village Apartments on Feb. 24. [...]

The average price of regular remained stable for the third week in row, fueled by dropping crude oil prices and other factors. [...]

One of the teens was also charged with stealing another driver's car [...]

The state has made four disbursements in gubernatorial matching funds. Here's the current total. [...]