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General Election - November 3, 2015
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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The leader of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia on Tuesday attacked GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump's ca [...]

OLATHE, Kan. (AP) — Jurors who convicted a white supremacist of killing three people at suburban Kansas City Jewish sites heard more of his anti-Semit [...]

NEW YORK (AP) — Comcast, which became a TV powerhouse by signing up Generation Xers, baby boomers and their parents, now is fighting for millennial ey [...]

SEWARD, Alaska (AP) — President Barack Obama stared down a melting glacier in Alaska on Tuesday in a dramatic use of his presidential pulpit to sound [...]

FOX LAKE, Ill. (AP) — Police in helicopters, with dogs and armed with rifles conducted a massive manhunt in northern Illinois into Tuesday night after [...]

Clinton and Trump are offering nothing to improve the economy. [...]

A federal study says repealing a ban won’t raise gasoline prices. [...]

Unions and the ACLU fight universal statewide school choice. [...]

Lowering ozone—from cars, trucks, factories and power plants—in the name of an imaginary health benefit. [...]

Obama focuses on global warming while Putin’s neo-imperialist dreams continue to spread north. [...]

Kyrgios lived up to his volatile reputation in a four-set defeat in the first round under the lights at Arthur Ashe Stadium. [...]

Latino activists, lawmakers and civil rights groups continued to question and condemn the shooting of a Hispanic man by sheriff’s deputies on Monday i [...]

Like Donald J. Trump, Mr. Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, has never held elected office, but polls suggest that voters are responding to his low-key s [...]

The fight over the name of a mountain or the treatment of a figure from history rests in large part on competing ownership of histories, peppered with [...]

Federer is employing a new tactic in his return game — darting forward to the edge of the service line and taking the ball quickly with a half-volley [...]

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO had been fighting CNN's criteria for the September presidential candidates debate. Now, she might get her way and [...]

NPR's Robert Siegel talks to György Schöpflin, member of the European Parliament for Hungary, about the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe and the [...]

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Columbia Law professor Katherine Franke about Kim Davis, the elected clerk of Kentucky's Rowan County, who is [...]

Under a new settlement, state authorities will only send inmates to isolation if they commit new and serious crimes in prison, like murders or violent [...]

President Obama is in Alaska calling for Congress to fund the construction of new Coast Guard icebreakers. The president said the Arctic is growing in [...]

Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Slate's Laura Miller discuss Narcos, Netflix original series about the Medellín drug cartel, Jonathan Franzen [...]

In 1860, a chance find at sea forever changed our understanding of marine habitats, sparking an unprecedented push to explore a new world of possibili [...]

Director Alex Gibney and Fortune Magazine editor-at-large Peter Elkind discuss the legacy of Steve Jobs. Gibney's latest film “Steve Jobs: The Ma [...]

Louise Penny discusses her latest novel in the Chief Inspector Gamache Series: The Nature of the Beast. Hardly a day goes by when nine year old Lauren [...]

In her new book Sisters in Law: How Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World (Harper, 2015), a [...]

City man tried to escape in his truck and then on foot, police said [...]

In the aftermath of the Sayreville hazing case, divisions are still evident. [...]

Victim had gone missing Monday night, authorities said [...]

A worker at the port who saw the man jump into the Salem River offered aid, but the man refused, police say. [...]

Sarah Wallace says male colleagues with similar responsibilities made more [...]