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Election Day - November 4, 2014
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MOJAVE, Calif. (AP) — Commercial space tourism suffered a huge setback Friday when a prototype passe [...]

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Under gray skies and a steady mist, tens of thousands of San Francisco Giants f [...]

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A former Florida A&M band member accused of being the ringleader of a bruta [...]

FORT KENT, Maine (AP) — A Maine judge gave nurse Kaci Hickox the OK to go wherever she pleases, hand [...]

WASHINGTON (AP) — Most people in the United States are getting an extra hour of sleep this weekend, [...]

Caution: These pics will haunt youArtist and photographer Roger Ballen hopes his work, "Asylum of the Birds" will haunt you. [...]

No tricks here, just the treat: In honor of Halloween, J.K. Rowling is delving into the back story o [...]

Chelsea HandlerComedian Chelsea Handler often aims to spark controversy, and one of her latest Instagram snapshots [...]

Is this freaky or amazing art?3-D neon paint was introduced at the Living Art America competition in Atlanta, and the results were [...]

This Halloween costume is epicOne Colorado man decided to customize his stepson's wheelchair, and the result is nothing short [...]

Can Mary Burke avoid sinking in an ad hominem spiral? [...]

The 2014 campaign brings a fresh focus on candidates with fervently held, evidence-free beliefs. [...]

Is sacrificing a bit of comfort for public health such a great indignity? [...]

This isn’t a novel effort—the military medical system has plenty of experience stopping disease from [...]

We must stop looking to the Middle East, where regressive religion and authoritarianism reign. [...]

The ringleader of a brutal gantlet-running ritual was held responsible for the death of Robert Champ [...]

In a year that was supposed to be dominated by attacks on the Affordable Care Act, few Republican ca [...]

Rukmini Callimachi, a Times reporter, answers readers’ questions about the 23 Western hostages who w [...]

A small Michigan company that runs the website for the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge played a r [...]

There was one death and one major injury, a police spokesman said, in the crash of the rocket plane [...]

The very close U.S. Senate race in New Hampshire could come down to where Republican challenger Scot [...]

President Obama makes the case for economic policies that would benefit women amid hopes that women [...]

Knocking on doors in Colorado, Steve Inskeep asks Antionio Covello about the election. The successfu [...]

One of the contests that could decide control of the Senate is in Colorado. Steve Inskeep traveled t [...]

Those fighting new voting laws are watching the polls closely for evidence that the legislation rest [...]

Jennifer Gonnerman, a contributor to The New Yorker, investigates the case of Kalief Browder, who sp [...]

New Yorker contributor Jennifer Gonnerman about the case of Kalief Browder, who spent three years in [...]

Filmmaker Robert Lemelson discusses his documentary “Bitter Honey,” an intimate portrait of three po [...]

Biographer Thomas Maier explores the ways Winston Churchill influenced JFK and American policy. Maie [...]

Simon Rich tells us about his new collection of funny stories, Spoiled Brats, inspired by the millen [...]

President Obama is helping Cory Booker gin up the Democratic base on Election Day with a radio ad [...]

Newark city council members gave mixed reviews today on a new policy that directs the victims of cri [...]

The New Jersey State Police, the FBI and the Edison, South Plainfield and Old Bridge police departme [...]

Princesses, dragons, firemen, piggies and even an entire family of Ninja Turtles marched down Washin [...]

According to the 2010 census, New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation. [...]