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NJ Primary Election - June 2, 2015
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BALTIMORE (AP) — Antoinette Perrine has barricaded her front door since her brother was killed three weeks ago on a basketball court near her home in [...]

HOUSTON (AP) — The flooding, property damage and loss of life as torrential rains this week hit the Houston area should be no surprise. [...]

HOUSTON (AP) — While the barrage of deadly thunderstorms that hit Texas has tapered, many cities remain in danger, and officials have warned about the [...]

NEW YORK (AP) — Renters are on the rise in America's biggest cities, but many tenants are scrambling to keep up with growing rent bills and shrin [...]

An expansive new rule lets Washington regulate any creek or pothole. [...]

Justice charges nine FIFA officials after years of accusations. [...]

The GOP contender rewrites the history of Islamic State. [...]

In one assignment, students measure the size of their family’s carbon footprint and suggest ways to shrink it. [...]

Sent into combat zones 11 times, Brian O’Rourke now will be battling for veterans’ well-being. [...]

Here’s what you need to know to start your day. [...]

Thursday: Overhearing on purpose, cloudy and hot weather, and Bowling Green’s old fence. [...]

President Obama’s lawyers acknowledged that his executive actions on behalf of undocumented immigrants could be blocked by legal fights until nearly t [...]

As commuters bemoan the mounting delays and disruptions, the state is dealing with aging infrastructure and a lack of money to fix it. [...]

The former three-term governor of New York faces long odds, but being a moderate could give him a bit of hope for the New Hampshire primary. [...]

For most voters, the name George Pataki might not ring a bell. But he was the last Republican elected to major statewide office in New York in more th [...]

Former New York Gov. George Pataki unveiled a video announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination Thursday. He's set to make a formal an [...]

After a close three-way race, Republican Matt Bevin is set to be declared the winner of Kentucky's gubernatorial primary. A majority of his own p [...]

Nebraska's governor had tried to veto a bill repealing the death penalty but the one-house legislature overrode the veto. Nebraska has executed o [...]

Former Pa. Sen. Rick Santorum joined the list of 2016 Republican presidential contenders on Wednesday. Santorum, the surprise winner of the 2012 Iowa [...]

In A Legacy, author Sybille Bedford remarks, "life is never as bad nor as good as one thinks." Set in the lead up to World War I, this highl [...]

The Tony Nominated 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time'Simon Stephens talks about writing the play “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time,” based on the novel of the same name by Mark Haddon. H [...]

The two former allies of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie under indictment for their alleged roles in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal [...]

Lucy Kellaway explains why wielding a can of boot polish and a brush can result in greater job satisfaction [...]

The Department of Defense says an attempt to ship inactive anthrax samples resulted in live samples being sent to labs in nine U.S. states and to a U. [...]

The cut translates to a savings of $6 million in overtime spending for the quarter. The 101,000 hours represents 4,208 full days of overtime, or 12,62 [...]

A Dunkin Donuts security video captures image of a thief casually entered a Cranford store, grabbed a coin dispenser and then quickly walking out. [...]

Victim of Lassa Fever from Essex County appeared to have had chances to disclose his travels and health condition before it was too late, doctors say. [...]

Hall has spent the last 4 weeks at Temple University Hospital revcovering from her physical trauma. Her mother wrote that she lost most of the muscle [...]

The ninth annual Art All Night sponsored by Artworks in Trenton will give locals a chance to showcase their art, hear live music, and even see a Ghost [...]