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Election Day - November 3, 2015
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MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (AP) — As drug overdoses left two Wesleyan students fighting for their lives, witnesses helped investigators quickly identify the su [...]

Four North Dakota missionaries were released by Venezuelan authorities Saturday after being detained and questioned for several days, a pastor at thei [...]

BOSTON (AP) — Religious leaders in snowbound New England are beginning to ask themselves how on Earth their houses of worship will make ends meet afte [...]

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Parts of the Southwest dealt with a second day of snow Saturday as Californians spent the day waiting for the start of a stor [...]

ALTON, N.H. (AP) — Winter on New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee means ice fishing, hockey tournaments and, if the ice is strong enough, airplanes [...]

Official leaks suggest the U.S. is making ever more concessions. [...]

If you ran a college and knew there was substantial money to be had from sports but no requirement to educate athletes, you might cut corners—that’s e [...]

Prime Minister Valls talks about ‘Islamofascism,’ his personal experience with rising anti-Semitism, and the necessity of economic reform. [...]

Another Putin opponent is killed by unknown assailants. [...]

The EEOC won’t stop using bad evidence that loses cases in court. [...]

As in 1960s America, many Indonesian women stay at home, creating an audience for parties run by women who have begun to sidle past conservative mores [...]

The four missionaries, who were held for three days and questioned by Venezuelan authorities, were on their way home on Saturday. [...]

The government’s new policy bans gillnets for two years across the northern Gulf of California and compensates shrimp fishermen for their lost catch. [...]

Victor Arden Barnard, who was put on an American most-wanted list on charges of abusing two girls in a “Maidens Group” at his religious fellowship in [...]

The gown worn by last year’s Academy Award winner for best supporting actress appears to have been recovered after a tipster’s call to TMZ. [...]

In a 3-2 vote on Feb. 26, the FCC approved new rules, regulating broadband internet as a public utility. NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Mat Honan, S [...]

Congress will fund the Department of Homeland Security for one more week. Political correspondent Mara Liasson talks with NPR's Arun Rath about t [...]

The message from the Conservative Political Action Conference's first-ever Activism Boot Camp was clear: a win for Republicans in 2016 must be a [...]

President Obama late Friday signed a stopgap measure to keep the department running for another week, but the tussle over his executive action on immi [...]

Some Republicans have said that former Gov. Jeb Bush isn't conservative enough. This week he appeared before the Conservative Political Action Co [...]

Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) was born in Moscow. From 1849-54 he lived in a convict prison, and in later years his passion for gambling led him deep [...]

My Mother’s Chicken and Potatoes (with My Special Touches) Pollo e patate alla Nonna Erminia In my family, favorite dishes are always being altered ac [...]


BRAISED FENNEL FENNEL IS A DELICIOUS AND, IN MY OPINION, UNDERUSED vegetable. Its flavor is delicate but distinctive, and it pairs perfectly with all [...]

 Braised Chicken Thighs, Coq au Vin Style Originally a French preparation for stewing a tough old rooster, coq au vin re­mains a great method for prep [...]

Another blast of winter weather was expected to bring snow and ice across the state Sunday, according to forecasts. [...]

A retired Belleville police officer shot his brother, who had been staying with him at his Nutley home, authorities said Saturday. [...]

A Trenton man previously arrested and charged in connection with a home invasion robbery in Maryland has now been charged with a double homicide also [...]

BERKELEY TOWNSHIP — A man was rescued from the frigid waters of Barnegat Bay in Berkeley Township after his iceboat broke through a soft spot in [...]

Seven families were displaced and one person was injured in a fire at the Gates Apartment complex Friday, officials said. [...]