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General Election - November 7, 2017

News About Young People and Politics

In France, we saw strong youth support for Jean-Luc Melanchon ... actually a relatively healthy and straightforward political consciousness on the par [...]

The thing about old socialist politicians, like Bernie Sanders, 75 and Britain's Jeremy Corbyn, 68, is that they have youth on their side ... In [...]

And Corbyn himself called on young people to "step up," register to vote and "claim your future" in a speech in April. Leah Ingham [...]

He says the increase in the youth vote has got to effect the agenda ... director of think tank Common Vision, says. Young people in the UK are as inte [...]

Political parties are making a push to win over more young people a year after the country’s voting age was lowered to 18 from 20. Both the ruling and [...]